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Kathy Yeo, the woman who shot and decapitated her lover, has been granted parole

"I think it's a bloody joke!" Convicted killer Kathy Yeo has been granted parole, 21 years after murdering her lover, Christopher Dorrian.

By Bettina Tyrrell and Alex Lilly
After spending 18 of her maximum 24-year sentence behind bars, a woman who shot then decapitated her former lover has been granted parole.
Convicted murderer Kathy Yeo was arrested and charged with Christopher Dorrian's murder in 1997, after after his severed head washed up in Sydney's Cook River. To this day, Yeo has refused to reveal what she did with her ex-lover's body.
Two weeks after Dorrian's disappearance, his head washed up in a sports bag, with three bullets inside his skull.
Christopher Dorrian's son James, stomred out of today's court session before the ruling was entirely read out.
Outside of court James told Ten Eyewitness News he was in shock.
"I think it's a bloody joke, this legislation has come through it's meant to be no body, no parole there are other factors in, it but it's a f*cking joke," he said.
James was just nine-years-old when his father was murdered.
The legislation James is referring to is the Australia-wide 'no body no parole' power which was introduced this May by NSW's Department of Justice. The legislation allows the Commissioner of Corrective Services to "refuse parole if an offender... convicted of murder or manslaughter has failed to tell investigators the location of their victim's remains."
Yeo became the first murderer to be pursued under these laws, but today a court heard it was only one of the "many factors" taken into account regarding her release.
Christopher Dorrian was killed by his girlfriend Kathy Yeo, who has been granted parole.

Who is Kathy Yeo?

A former cell-mate called Yeo intelligent and encouraging.
Kathy Yeo was a former psychiatric nurse. Not only was Christopher Dorrian her lover, but he was also a patient and the two had sexual relations in the hospital storeroom.
According to news.com.au, former stripper and ex-wife of a Rebel bikie gang member, Victoria Schembri who shared a cell with Yeo said she found her intelligent and encouraging.
"(She was) one of my best friends," Schembri said. "She was so lovely and taught me a lot."