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Aussie bloke tries to hunt a kangaroo, it responds by beating the bejeezus out of him

This may or may not have something to do with the fact that said-bloke was hunting roos in the first place…

By Ellie McDonald
Warning: graphic content ahead.
Another day, another example of what NOT to do when you come in contact with a kangaroo.
A Western Australian kangaroo hunter is currently awaiting surgery following an altercation with a roo in the state's Kellerberrin.
According to Yahoo 7, Joshua Hayden, 19, and his brother were hunting in a paddock in Western Australia's wheatbelt in their car on Tuesday, February 14, when they noticed three kangaroos close by.
Mr Hayden has to wait 10 days until he can have surgery on his face.
Mr Hayden then went to take a photograph of the kangaroos from the car window when one of the roos started charging at the moving vehicle.
Apparently, the kangaroo collided into the side of the care, before setting its gaze on Mr Hayden.
"Then it bounced back onto me and headbutted me straight in the jaw," he recalls.
Mr Hayden's brother says that he was passed out for 30 seconds, before waking up, not knowing that he'd been walloped by a kangaroo.
My Hayden was then rushed to Royal Perth Hospital by his brother where he currently is awaiting surgery to treat the extensive damage and swelling in his face,
But this isn't the first time a kangaroo has come in contact with a person…
Last year, a Melbourne woman was left "ripped" to pieces after a kangaroo repeatedly kicked her and threw her around "like a rag doll" while she was on her morning jog.
Debbie says she was "mauled" by the kangaroo.
Debbie deep gashes following the attack.
Debbie Urquhart, 54, says the roo ripped her biceps and deltoid muscles down to the tendon, and she suffered cuts and abrasions on her back. The personal trainer suffered multiple wounds and her arms and buttocks had to be stitched up in Austin Hospital.