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Justine Damond's fiancé Don recounts her last moments in heart-wrenching interview

Justine Damond was just weeks away from marrying Don when her life came to a shocking end in the US.

By Lorna Gray

Justine Damond's tragic and senseless death on July 15 shocked the world.

The Australian bride-to-be was fatally shot in the stomach by police officer Mohamed Noor in her adopted home of Minneapolis, America.

Justine had phoned the police after hearing a “distressed” woman in the alleyway outside her house.

When officers responded to the call, Justine was fatally shot. She was wearing her pyjamas at the time.

Her devastated fiancé Don spoke to ABC's Australian Story, reliving her final day for the first time. Heartbreakingly on the morning of her death, she was excitedly receiving bridesmaids dresses in the post ahead of her Hawaiian wedding which was due to take place the following month.

Don was away on business when Justine got spooked by the noises in the laneway outside her home. She called him to tell him she'd phoned the police.

“That night I told Justine to call 911, I had this conception that when she said, ‘the police are here,’ I felt like all is well, like the knights in shining armour have arrived,” he said.

“I’ll never feel that way again.”

Woman's Day spoke to the 40-year-old's friends and family after the tragedy.

Her friend, fellow life coach Michelle Richmond, told us how Justine changed people’s lives for the better on a daily basis.

“Justine taught people how 
to love, to be free and to be accepting of themselves and others,” Michelle said.

“She empowered people to be joyous and empathetic. She’d want us to pick up that flame and continue with that very important work."

“If there is any call to action 
in this senseless tragedy, may it be a catalyst to build more love, light and healing in our world.”

Justine with her friend Michelle.
Justine with her friend Michelle.

Minnesota Police released 911 transcripts after it happened.

A decision on whether Mohamed Noor will be charged with Justine Damond’s death is expected to be delivered by the end of the year.

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