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Is this the most sexist burger ad you’ve ever seen?

We think so.

This is one of the most sexist burger ads we’ve ever seen. And unfortunately there have been a few.
The ad comes from Burger Urge, a chain of restaurants in Queensland, who actually have the tagline on their website 'We're no strangers to controversy.'
In the ad, a man in a surgical face mask stands in front of a woman who is lying with her legs spread. The man holds a burger in his hands – the suggestion being that the woman has given birth to the burger.
While the obvious pun is that he has ‘delivered’ the burger the ad is indisputably sexist.
Collective Shout founder Melinda Tankard Reist says that this is just one more example of the “sexist, backward, misogynist advertising” that we are being confronted with every day.
“You wonder if these companies realise it’s the 21st century,” she says.
“We’ve all had enough of this, we’re not buying it, we think women should be treated as women not as objects.”
Tankard Reist notes that the Burger Urge ad is just one of a barrage of sexist ads that have become the wallpaper of our society.
“The cumulative effect of this sort of sexism creates and contributes to sexist and misogynist attitudes which in turn create sexist behaviour that ultimately hurts women and girls,” she says.
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