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Introducing the world’s youngest wakeboarder

Apparently you don’t even have to be able to walk to break a world record.
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Wakeboarding can be tricky for the best of us. That’s why seeing a six-month-old boy not only wakeboard, but break a world record doing it, makes us feel like it’s time to hit the water and give the tiny tot a run for his money.

Parks Bryant, who was actually six months and 29 days old when he broke the world record for the youngest ever wakeboarder, has been training for this moment his entire (albeit short) life.

And it’s all down to his dad Tim, who loves the water sport.


Mr Bryant, originally from Singleton, New South Wales, who was holidaying on the Gold Coast on this world-record-breaking day, told The Courier-Mail that his son “loves being outdoors”.

“We don’t know if he’ll remember this but we wanted to be able to remind him he can forget what other people say and just go and do it.”

Case in point, Mr Bryant. Case in point.

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