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Hotel guest shares photo of a welcome note you never want to see

What this person found in their sheets is seriously off-putting.

A hotel guest was pretty shocked when they hopped into bed and pulled out this off-putting note from within the sheets.
A picture of the note was posted to Reddit, which read the caption: “Heard something crinkle when I settled in for the night…”
The letter read: “If you’re reading this, then housekeeping did not change your sheets!”
Supposedly, the note was written by a previous guest, indicating that the hotel maids probably just re-folded the sheets.
We’re not sure where exactly the hotel is, but the notepad does say Courtyard Marriott.
Mirror Online contacted a spokesperson for Marriott, who said:
“While there is no way for us to verify validity of this claim, Marriott has the greatest concern and respect for every guest’s experience.”
“We take hotel hygiene and cleanliness very seriously. As a result, Marriott has established very strict standards of cleanliness for all its hotels.”
“In the unusual event a guest makes us aware of a concern, we respond immediately to the situation and take the appropriate steps to remedy the problem.”
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