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Horror as Samsung phone explodes next to sleeping toddler

Joseph was screaming and the smell of burning was unreal.

A mother was left terrified after her mobile phone exploded next to her sleeping toddler.
Lucy Pinder, 28, was in bed next to her three-year-old son Joseph with her phone charging on the floor.
However, the Samsung device suddenly started smoking before bursting into flames with a loud bang.
"Joseph was screaming and the smell of burning was unreal," she told The Sun.
“We were so shaken up. If the phone had been charging under my pillow instead of on the floor, we would have been seriously burned.”
“Now I'm terrified of leaving my phone on charge overnight.”
The phone was sent for diagnostics but the factory couldn’t find out what caused the explosion.
She was sent a new phone and £1200 to replace the scorched furniture.
“There are no known safety issues with Galaxy S6 devices,” a Samsung spokesperson told The Sun.
“Customer damage is a potential cause of this incident but as the results of our internal investigation were inconclusive, Samsung has offered the customer a replacement and compensation as a gesture of our goodwill.”
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