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Homeless man wins $500k on scratchie

A homeless man who regularly slept on the footpath outside a local Shell service station has won $500,000 on a scratchie.

By Caroline Overington
The Aspen Times reports that Michael Engfors, who lost his business, his wife, and contact with his children after battling alcohol addiction, purchased the $2 ticket last week.
“He came running into the station shouting, ‘I won,’” the store manager said.
She looked at the $10 ticket and saw that it was a winner.
Jeremy Kowalis, who runs the local homeless shelter, said Michael was a good man who has "seen a bottom that has pushed him right to the edge. But Michael never gave up. He knew that if he kept pushing on, eventually his luck would change”.Michael says he will use the money to try to reconnect with a daughter he hadn't seen in more than two decades.

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