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Blumenthal bringing Fat Duck to Melbourne

His three Michelin-starred restaurant, in Bray, Berkshire, will close in December when he will bring his entire staff to Melbourne’s Crown Casino complex to reopen in the new location in February next year.
"I guess you are expecting me to announce the opening of a new restaurant; I'll move onto that in a bit. But, in fact, what I'm going to announce now is the closing of a restaurant. I'm going to shut The Fat Duck and bring it here to Melbourne," Heston told a stunned press conference at Crown Towers yesterday.
"It's the furthest migration a duck of any kind, let alone a fat duck, has made. I'm going to close the restaurant and I'm going to bring it here to Crown Melbourne Resort for six months."
Diners can expect to pay anywhere up to $280 a head for a meal at the Melbourne eatery, in line with the prices charged at The Fat Duck in Britain.
The plan is that after six months at Crown, Heston and his entourage will pick up their aprons and tongs and head back to the UK leaving behind a permanent restaurant, Dinner, as the first foray into global expansion with other restaurants planned for Macau, The Philippines and Sri Lanka.

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