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This Grandfather took the bite of a brown snake to save his granddaughter's life

“I'm bigger than her and I can take the pain and she wouldn't be able to,” he said.

By Holly Royce
Chris Harrison has become a national hero today, following reports that he stepped in and took a brown snake bite to save the life of his granddaughter.
Speaking to News Corp, Chris told of the terrifying moment he was out in the backyard with his granddaughter and saw the snake coming towards them.
"I saw the snake and told her to move," the Bundaberg resident told the Sunshine Coast Daily.
"My wife grabbed her, then I felt the sharp pain in my foot."
He knew he could take the pain.
"I'm bigger than her and I can take the pain and she wouldn't be able to," he said.
Chris was rushed to hospital and made a full recovery.
The grandfather later revealed he was bitten by a brown snake in his backyard last year.
"The third time I may not be so lucky so I'm not doing the yard work ever again," he said.
Photo of Christopher Harrison - Image via Facebook
51-year-old Judy Foster was also lucky enough to survive a deadly brown snake bite, after being bitten while doing yard work on her Australian outback farm last year.
"I froze in horror as its yellow venom trickled down my boot and I could feel it had pierced the skin underneath," she told Take 5.
"I was alone, dying and couldn't even tell anyone."
"When, slowly, 
I started to feel a little bit better, I made my way to my car and drove to my doctor."
"I had internal haemorrhaging and needed medication to stop the bleeding. It was three months before I recovered and I know how close I'd come to death."
"I've since left the farm and hope my story warns people to be very wary of snakes."