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Gold Coast parents share their anguish as their four-month-old son dies “unexpectedly” in his sleep

“Our hearts are truly broken.”

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
The devastated parents of a four-month-old boy who tragically died in his sleep are currently preparing to do the unthinkable: lay their child to rest.
Baby Lucas died "unexpectedly" in his sleep on Monday, leaving his parents Jess and Josh completely heartbroken. The young couple, from the Gold Coast, have since taken to social media to share their anguish in a moving tribute to their youngest son.
"Lucas our sweet darling I believe you will always be with us in spirit. And we will never ever ever forget you," Jess wrote on her Facebook page.
"The feeling of losing a child is absolutely unbearable and you never think it will happen to you, nothing can compare."
"We are positive you will be here with us forever and we feel so lucky we got to be your mummy and daddy. Our hearts are truly broken."
Josh added: "This pain will never go away and I do not wish it upon anyone. Lucas is the absolute most amazing thing to ever happen to me and Jess and this numbness of emotions is deafening."
The little one will be farewelled in an intimate funeral service on the Gold Coast on Friday.
Following the tragedy, a close friend of the parents set-up a GoFundMe page to allow the family to cover the costs of their little son's funeral, any time away from work to grieve and to help support their five-year-old son, Ollie.
"Everyone has been absolutely devastated and in disbelief about what has happened but no one more than his amazing parents Jess and Josh," the page reads.
"Being young parents, nothing prepares you for this and there is no handbook on how to cope with the grief of losing your baby."
In an incredible display of love an community outreach, the campaign has already raised more than $16,000 -- far eclipsing the $5,000 goal.
Baby Lucas died "unexpectedly" in his sleep. Image via GoFundMe.
"Such a big thank you to everyone for your love and support over the past 24 hours," Jess wrote on her Facebook page.
"Thank you so much to everyone from the bottom of our hearts. Josh and I are totally empty inside and we know the one thing we want that would make this all go away we will never get back and that is our baby boy Lucas. but this support, donations and messages of love and prayers make it a little bit less suffocating on us. THANK YOU!"
According to 7News, a portion of the funds raised will be donated to Red Nose -- a charity that aims to eradicate sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
Our hearts go out to the young family during this unimaginably difficult time.