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Gold Coast mum recounts horrifying machete attack that left her face “hanging off”

Ingrid Brown, 35, fears she’ll never be able to smile again.

By Lorna Gray
A 35-year-old mum from the Gold Coast has been scarred for life after a horrendous machete attack in her home.
Ingrid Brown was slashed from mouth to ear in the vicious attack, allegedly from a robbery gone wrong. Two men, Clint Hall, 35, and Thomas Ealam, 18, were charged over the attack hours later.
Ingrid’s 4-year-old daughter Chloe was in the house at the time.
While Ingrid bore the brunt of brutality, her partner Michael Liddell, 34, was also slashed on the forearm with the weapon.
He said Ingrid was lucky to be alive: “If he had gone down three inches, it would have got her neck and probably have taken her head off,” Mr Liddell said.
“Seeing her face I thought she was going to die it was literally hanging off.”
The couple now face months of plastic surgery and rehab and Ingrid says she’s scared she’ll never smile again.
“It’s awful, I just want to smile and play with my daughter,” she said.
They also revealed they haven’t told little Chloe about the attack.
The couple before the attack
The two men accused of the attack appeared in the Southport Magistrates Court on two counts each of acts intending to maim.
Thomas Ealam is expected to apply for bail while Clint Hall will face court again on September 12.

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