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"I'm so embarrassed to be linked to this show!" Georgia Love breaks up with The Bachelor Australia

No more roses for the franchise that made her famous.

By Bella Brennan
Last year, the nation watched as Tasmanian-based journalist Georgia Love found her dream man on The Bachelorette Australia.
A year on and the stunning reporter and her partner, Lee Elliott, couldn't be more in love.
But last night Georgia revealed she was "tapping out" of this year's season, which stars her ex-boyfriend Matty J as The Bachelor, claiming it was too crass for her liking.
Making a splash! Things got very heated for Matty and Georgia in the pool last year.
Taking to Facebook to voice her frustration, the presenter lashed out at Matty and Florence's date.
"Did I actually just watch a girl mocking a guy jacking off on national TV at 8pm? WHAT IS HAPPENING," the reality TV star penned, referencing the moment Dutch stunner Flo and MJ made molds of their hands, which resulted in some rather awkward gestures as they tried to remove their limbs from the suffocating cast.
"Um, Florence, if you just want to let go of my hand," Matty laughed.
"I don't know how to. I'm stuck. I'm not kidding. I'm stuck," Florence explained.
"Florence, just let go of the hand. Come on, Florence," the 30-year-old responded.

A curious mate asked Georgia Love if she was talking about The Bachelor, to which The Bachelorette star replied, "Yes! I'm so embarrassed to be linked to this show."
Fans have been quick to point out Georgia's season of The Bachelorette was full of sexually-charged, weird moments - all par for the course of reality TV.
Who could forget that oh-so-steamy make-out session with Matty J in the pool, complete with a very suggestive champagne pop during the show's finale in Singapore last year?
Georgia's season also featured Carlos the stripper as one of her 20-something boyfriends and Ben's infamous "nervous poo" line.
Relive Ben's awks nervous poo moment in the player below!
Florence and Matty hit it off.