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Gable Tostee’s foul and explicit response to a woman who verbally abused him on Facebook

Tostee was acquitted of killing his Tinder date Warriena Wright.

By Lorna Gray
Gable Tostee has created a new stir online, just a few weeks after he resurfaced on Tinder, the app where he met Warriena Wright before she plunged to her death from his Gold Coast balcony.
Tostee, who now goes by the moniker Eric Thomas, posted a status on Facebook which reach: “If ‘Benny’ is short for Ben, why is ‘Benny’ longer??”
Another Facebook user replied, “Says the murderer with a fake name..” to which he responded: “The only thing I murder is p----".
It’s not the first time Tostee’s caused friction on social media.
On International Women’s Day, he wrote the following derogatory comment: “Happy International Women's Day to all ma hoes!!”
New Zealand native Warriena Wright was on the Gold Coast for a friend’s wedding in 2014 when she met Tostee on Tinder.
The pair met for drinks and proceeded to further the night at Tostee’s Surfers Paradise apartment where the 26-year-old fell 14 floors to her death.
Tostee was accused of killing his Tinder date but was found not guilty late last year. He'd been accused of intimidating Ms Wright so badly she'd tried to escape his apartment via the balcony after he locked her outside.
His reported new Tinder bio reads “Shhh don’t tell Channel 9”.