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Horrific footage of a nurse grabbing a patient with a disability by the throat will INFURIATE you

WARNING: Content of a graphic nature ahead.

By Ellie McDonald
A nurse working at a Melbourne hospital has been stood down after a shocking video showing him allegedly abusing a patient with a disability was revealed.
Obtained exclusively by The Herald Sun, the video, taken at Caulfield Hospital, shows what appears to be a male nurse aggressively grabbing patient Billy Aivaliotis, a 33-year-old man living with cerebral palsy and a serious brain injury after being struck by a car last year, by the throat.
As for how the video was taken… Billy's family hid the camera inside a picture frame in Billy's room after they noticed he was losing weight and showed signs of bruising, causing them to worry for his welfare.
As reported by 9 News, before handing the video over to The Herald Sun, the family approached the hospital regarding Billy's wellbeing and now claim that they were "totally ignored".
"Billy fought for his life after the accident," they said. "To beat death and recover, only to be abused and mistreated when completely defenceless, is ¬totally devastating and infuriating."
"After this devastating realisation of mistreatment and abuse, we have absolutely no faith in this broken and failed system of care."
Image care of The Herald Sun.
Of this alleged abuse, Victoria Police have said that they are investigating assault allegations at the hospital that occurred on January 22.
They have stated that they have spoken to a 30-year-old man in connection with the case, who has since been released pending further inquiries. A spokesperson at the hospital has said that the staff member in question no longer works for Alfred Health and that they are cooperating fully with police.
"The video material presented to us by the family is distressing and shocking – and not in keeping with the culture of advanced care patients and families should experience in our hospitals," a statement by Alfred Health read.
"We are continuing to meet with the patient's family and thank them for bringing these issues to our attention."
"Alfred Health is cooperating fully with the police investigation."
Regardless, Billy's family are understandably devastated, and are seeking justice for their loved one.
"Billy cannot voice his feelings. He is incapable of demonstrating his fears and concerns. His family is his voice, and we will do everything possible to ensure his safety and wellbeing."
More as this story develops.