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Footage captured of Sydney Mums in vicious brawl over car space out the front of a school

The road rage incident was captured out the front of a Sydney Catholic school.

School pick-ups have the potential to bring out the worst in all of us, trying to navigate the 2-minute drop off zones, the drop and go zones, the double parks... the list is endless.
These Sydney women were clearly feeling the strain this week.
The women were captured on film in a vicious row out the front of Maronite College of the Holy Family in the western Sydney suburb of Harris Park on Monday afternoon.
Channel 9 News reports that the fight started over a parking space out the front of the Catholic High School during afternoon pick-up.
Young children watched on as the women's heated argument escalated into blows, while other parents and a nun attempted to break up the fight.
The police were called, but no charges were issued.
Parents and even a nun tried to separate the women.
The school apologised on social media with a message from the Principal.
"As many of you have become aware, we had an incident on Monday, where parents attacked each other physically and verbally on the street, in full public view," the message on the school's Facebook reads.
"I will make it very clear that at MCHF we will not tolerate such behaviour from parents. We pride ourselves on being a family at MCHF. I hope this incident serves as a lifelong reminder to all our parents that disrespectful behaviour is unacceptable," the message continues.
"I trust that from now on our parents will show respect, both on school grounds, towards staff and students, as well as out on the street in regards to picking up and dropping off students. I also would like to acknowledge the majority of parents who always do the correct thing, and I thank them for it."