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Five signs your house is haunted

Hearing bumps in the night? Here are five signs your house is haunted.

Flickering lights? Mysterious night wakings? Sudden chills? You might be sharing your house with a spirit.
1.You spot an infinity number
Do you often notice the same time on a clock? If it’s an “infinity number” – 11.11am for example – it could be a sign a lost loved one is trying to let you know they’re watching over you.
2.A smell that doesn’t belong
Suddenly smell your grandmother’s apple pie when she’s been dead for five years? A whiff of cigarette smoke when no one in your house smokes? Unexplained scents that don’t belong are another sign a spirit is trying to make its presence known. This is another common way departed loved ones make their presence known.
3.Unexplained plumbing or electrical problems
Flickering lights, slamming doors and taps that turn on and off are all signs of a mischievous spirit, and not always a friendly one. While ghosts of family members will never try to scare you, those who use these types of tricks are often trying to tell you that you don’t belong in the house. These spirits often have a connection to the home and believe they are its only rightful inhabitants – and want you to know you’re not welcome. This type of activity is particularly common when renovations are underway.
4.You repeatedly wake up at the same ungodly hour
Do you repeatedly wake up at 3.17am? Psychics say the “veil” between our world and the spirit world is at its thinnest during the “witching hour” between 3am and 5am, with most ghostly awakenings happening between 3.15am and 3.30am. This is also the most common time for ghosts to come to you in dreams.
5.Your house has unexplained temperature changes
A sudden chill breeze sending shivers up your spine on an otherwise balmy evening? Sudden and unexplained temperature changes can be another sign your house is haunted. You might also feeling like someone is standing right behind you or get the feeling you’re being watched. Changes in the feeling of the air could also be a sign a spirit is present, with people reporting air suddenly feeling denser, or making them feel anxious for no reason.

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