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Fiji holiday becomes life in prison

A dream holiday ends in a nightmare.

A dream holiday has turned into a nightmare for a Sydney tow truck driver as he now faces life in a Fijian jail, reports SMH.
Joseph Abourizk, 30, had been on holiday with his wife, but after she went home early he decided to take a charter boat cruise of the west coast of Fiji; a decision that has resulted in the unimaginable.
Mr Abourizk was arrested after allegedly being caught with almost 50 kilograms of cocaine packed into two suitcases at Vuda Marina.
Mr Abourizk’s solicitor, Warwick Korn, of Korn MacDougall Legal in Australia, argued that his client was exploited by the boat’s captain and had no idea that the suitcases contained drugs.
The prosecution is claiming that the Austrlain was paid money by the captain to move the drugs.
Now, Mr Abourizk has spent the last nine months in jail and missed the birth of his first child – a daughter named Penelope.
A verdict is expected to be handed down this week, and if found guilty he may not be coming home for a very long time.

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