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Facebook introduces ‘reaction’ button

Now you don’t have to awkwardly ‘like’ a post of your friend’s pet dying.

Facebook’s ‘like’ function can occasionally be a tricky/awkward situation.
Like, for example, when your friend shares the news that her pet died and you want to acknowledge it but can’t really hit the ‘like’ button.
Well, the social media site has listened to our pleas. Today they’ve released a new range of available emoticons called ‘reactions’ that can accurately express how we feel.
While you can still ‘like’, there are now five other options including ‘love’, ‘haha’, ‘wow’, ‘sad’, and ‘angry’.
The emoticons even move!
All you need to do is press and hold the ‘like’ button, select the emoticon you want and release.
The person whose post you’re liking will then be notified of this ‘reaction’.
“We’ve been listening to people and know that there should be more ways to easily and quickly express how something you see in News Feed makes you feel,” Facebook said today.
“That’s why today we are launching Reactions, an extension of the Like button, to give you more ways to share your reaction to a post in a quick and easy way.”
So jump on Facebook right now and go nuts!
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