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Batten down the hatches: Date for the end of the world confirmed

Excuse us if we don’t take this too seriously.
end of the world 2017 christian conspiracy theorists

A Christian group has “confirmed” that the end of the world is nigh.

(Is anybody else experiencing some serious déjà vu right now?)

Apparently it’s time to cancel any plans you have for 2018, because as of August 21 2017 the world will be plunged into total darkness forever via a solar eclipse.

Now, part of this is actually true.

NASA has confirmed that a total eclipse is set to hit the US on that date next year. It will be the first solar eclipse in the US in 38 years, and the first to stretch from one coast of America to the other for almost a century.

2017 solar eclipse path: NASA

It involves the Sun, the Moon and the Earth directly lining up. The moon blocks the sun from the earth and casts a shadow over it. If you land in the dark part of the shadow (in this case a line through North America) then you’ll witness a total eclipse. If you’re in the light part (which everyone in the continental US and most of Western Europe is expected to be) you’ll see a partial eclipse. Several major US cities will lose all sunlight for a few seconds, and that’s about as exciting as it gets.

Star gazers and tourists are expected to flock to America to witness the phenomenon, but Christian conspiracy theorists claim that parts of The Book of Revelation suggest the event will lead to the end of humanity.

The Daily Star reports that Christian website UNSEALED has pointed to verses that describe a woman ‘clothed in the sun with the moon at her feet’ (ergo: eclipse) who is hunted by a Satanic, seven-headed dragon that wishes to eat her unborn child spelling D-Day for the planet.

While that does sound pretty scary, we’re not exactly rushing out to bulk buy canned food just yet.

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