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Education adviser says corporal punishment was effective

The head of the Abbott government’s national curriculum review believes corporal punishment is an effective solution to misbehaving children in schools.

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Speaking on 2UE radio, Dr Kevin Donnelly said he’s in favour of corporal punishment, including the use of the cane, if was supported by the local school community.
"I think it’s very important that the classroom doesn’t suffer because of disruptive or badly behaved students,” Dr Donnelly said.
He also said "time outs" don't work and suspension should only be used as a last resort.
But not everyone agrees with the outspoken education commentator.
Leading paediatrician Professor Kim Oates, AM said hitting children was one of the least effective methods in disciplining pupils.
"Good parents, like good teachers, understand the use of far more effective methods of discipline, ones which encourage children, which teach the consequences of their actions and which don't depend on inflicting pain and humiliation," Professor Oates said.
"Sadly, we still hear the old, hoary, invalid proposition: 'I was hit when I was a kid and it didn't do me any harm'."
A spokesman for Education Minister Christopher Pyne said corporal punishment wasn't supported by the minister.
Dr Donnelly and the co-chair of the review, Kenneth Wiltshire, will hand their report on Australia's curriculum to the government at the end of the month.

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