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Trio of drag queens save man who was attacked in Sydney

Homophobic thugs picked the wrong people to mess with.

By Lorna Gray
Homophobic thugs got more than they bargained for when they attacked a man after a night out in Sydney’s famous Oxford Street.
Ivan Flinn, 34, was bashed in a kebab shop by a group shouting gay slurs. When he asked them not to call him a “f--got”, he was smashed in the face.
However, three drag queens, Coco Jumbo, Ivy Leaguee and Vybe, leapt to his defence, acting as Mr Flinn’s “guardian angels.”
The next thing Mr Flinn knew, they were fighting with his alleged attacker.
Ivy Leaguee told news.com.au she saw Mr Flinn being coward punched and wasn’t having it:
“I said, ‘you want to pick on little guys, you’ll need to fight the big freak. I’m a man underneath all of this, so let’s go.”
Coco Jumbo, also jumped in by throwing one of the men “into the gutter”.
“I don’t think they knew what they were getting themselves into. I used to play rugby league,” Coco said.
Ivy’s wig was destroyed in the fight so Mr Flinn is now fundraising “to replace the wig, nails and heels of the Drag Queens who saved me.”
His GoFundMe page, which hoped to raise $1000, has already raised over $5,500 at time of publishing.
Describing the attack on the fundraising page, he writes:
“It all happened so quickly. Like Destiny's Child they strutted in and saved me. Punches were flying. Hair was flicking. Nails were breaking. I was stunned on footpath, thankful drag queens exist. All I can think of is thank God. I feel like if they weren't there I would probably be dead. Like that guy who died from a king hit in Kings Cross. Thank God. Angels do exist.
“After the punch I was stunned but the next thing I knew Ivy went in and was scrapping with the guy who punched me. They’re in the middle of the road, cars swerving around them, tooting, and I saw the guy rip her wig off. They were bashing each other and she’s still wearing her high heels.”
Mr Flinn suffered a fractured jaw from the punch.
Speaking to news.com.au, Ivy Leaguee, who was injured in the fight, said:
“Those boys sh-t themselves, they weren’t ready for some drag queens on top of them”.
Coco Jumbo added: “It’s all just materials at the end of the day, there’s no use crying over split lace… We’re just glad Ivan’s okay.”
NSW Police continue to investigate the incident.