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Doug Cameron's take down of Pauline Hanson is as moving as it savage

And a strong Scottish accent never hurt anyone's cause.

By Kate Wagner
This might surprise you, but some people feel Pauline Hanson may be a touch racist.
One of those people is Labor senator Doug Cameron who demanded the One Nation leader apologise for her “racist rant” in Parliament.
Senator Hanson, who just yesterday had to refer one of her own senators to the High Court for having dual citizenship when he was elected (read: immigrated here), launched a tirade against Muslim Australians in the senate.
WATCH: Senator Cameron has absolutely no time for Hanson's scathing appraisal of Australian Muslims.
She accused Labor of “sell[ing] its soul for the Muslim vote" and alleged the major political parties are hiding “evidence” of high unemployment and social welfare dependence amongst Muslims in Australia.
"Australian Muslims are a significant drain on the public purse," she told parliament, claiming they preferred to “fight for ISIL in Syria and Iraq” than join the Australian Defence Force.
Because Labor has, according to Senator Hanson, held onto 15 federal seats that have Muslim population of 10,000 or more, she said: "A small but fast growing group opposed to our way of life is bending Labor to its will."
She might want to look into cause and affect there – Muslim populations may be voting for Labor over One Nation for some reason we can’t quite put our finger on.
WATCH: Another iconic Pauline "I'm Not Racist" Hanson speech in parliament.
Senator Cameron was slated to talk about homelessness, but decided instead to use his time to challenge her “racist nonsense”.
He sang the praises of the many Muslim Australians who are doing positive things across the country.
"Muslims make contributions to this country that you will never make," he told the chamber, referring to the One Nation leader.
“If this racist nonsense goes unchallenged then we will not have a cohesive society.
“We will have a society that is pulled apart by One Nation and the ego of Senator Hanson.”
He called on the senator to apologise saying, “that speech that will divide Australia, and make us a poorer nation”.
"You do not deserve to be in here, running that sort of racist nonsense."
Morals and justice aside, this take down was worth watching for that phenomenal Scottish accent.
If you need us, we’ll be watching Braveheart.
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