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Donald Trump hilariously tweets the wrong Ivanka

And she replied!

By Amber Manto
He’s soon to be the most powerful man in the world, but Donald Trump has trouble keeping his own daughter’s Twitter handle straight.
The President-elect sent out another one of his to-the-point posts, congratulating his daughter on being a woman with “real character and class”.
Unfortunately for Trump though, a slip of the finger meant he tagged Ivanka Majic (@ivanka), instead of his daughter (@IvankaTrump).
The council worker from Brighton, UK, suddenly found herself thrust into the limelight of Trump’s 20.2 million followers, and tagged in the thousands of replies which followed.
"I came downstairs to check my phone and I had so many notifications," she told The Telegraph.
Seizing the opportunity, Majic replied to Trump suggesting he pay closer attention to his Twitter use and climate change.
The reply has subsequently had 8,657 re-tweets and 25,624 likes.
"I'm someone who has used twitter since 2007. A new thing comes along and you create a username never thinking that one day Ivanka Trump's dad will be President," Majic told
The president elect has yet to delete his original post, or comment on the schoolboy error although he possibly has far more important things to be concerned with right now.

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