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Dogs refuse to leave dying baby’s bedside

Five-month-old Nora Hall is in an induced coma after suffering a major stroke, but her beloved basset hounds refuse to leave her side.

A dog’s bond with their human family is unbreakable, and this story certainly proves that.
A five-month-old girl named Nora Hall has a couple of hospital bedside buddies in the form of her beloved basset hounds who refuse to leave her side.
Four weeks ago, little Nora suffered a massive stroke and has been in an induced coma in a Minneapolis, US, hospital ever since.
Her mother, Mary Hall, has shared the heartbreaking news that her baby girl is “not going to survive” and that her and her husband have to make the gut-wrenching decision as to whether to switch off Nora’s life support.
But their dogs are struggling to leave. “They allowed us to have our bassets here in the last couple of days because they are so attached to her,” said Mary.
“I can tell that they are very stressed and sad.”
Mary is now concerned about whether it’s in the best interests for the dogs to stay there or to go her brother’s house, “in case they get more stressed seeing everyone upset, or if I should let them stay in the room for when she passes, so they aren't left wondering where she is when we go home.”
So she posed a message to The Wonderful World of Basset Hounds Facebook page for advice, where she was overwhelmed with messages of support. Mary is now going to keep them with Nora.
“Thank you very much. We don't know how we are going to get through tomorrow... But we will take things one day at a time,” Mary said.
“We are just so glad that we will get to go home with our bassets to comfort us.”
“They have been our babies for eight years before Nora.”
A GoFundMe page has been set up by Mary’s cousin, Heather Radtke, and has raised a whopping $16,000.

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