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Dad writes note excusing daughter from school for Springsteen concert

“Have you ever wondered how many kids would be late if God were to suddenly appear?”

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People can get pretty creative when writing notes to get out of school, but this one, written by a father for his 12-year-old daughter, is the greatest we’ve ever seen.
New York native Patrick Pipino took his daughter, Isabelle, and her seven-year-old sister, Sarah, to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in Albany on Monday night. Known for his long sets, Springsteen played for three and a half incredible hours.
Sarah and Isabelle, via Facebook.
To appease her school teacher for Isabelle’s tardiness, Patrick spoke the truth: “I feel it my obligation to be straight with all of you as to the reason.”
“This may not seem like a good excuse, but have you ever wondered how many kids would be late – or miss school outright – if God were to suddenly appear?” he continued. “It’s something like that.”
And it’s not just Patrick who loves Springsteen, Isabelle is a long-time fan of the 66-year-old rocker too. Telling ABC News, he said “Isabelle would be singing from the back seat and if I had something else on, she would say, ‘Dad, can we listen to Springsteen?’”
Great (dad) move, Patrick. If we witnessed The Boss himself, we’d probably write a late note too.
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