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Daniel Morcombe's mother is raising money to keep kids safe by trekking through South Australia

A woman of unfathomable strength.

By Holly Royce
Strength comes in many forms and this International Women's Day our thoughts and admiration go out to Denise Morcombe, raising money for Australian charity Act for Kids by tackling the Arkaba Trek in the Flinders Rangers, South Australia.
Denise Morcombe has had to live through every mother's worst nightmare. On the 7th of December 2003, her 13-year-old son Daniel Morocmbe was abducted and killed.
In 2011 Brett Peter Cowan was arrested and charged with Daniel's murder - though he was not found guilty until 13th March 2013.
Previously, Denise has spoken to Australian Woman's Weekly about the nightmares she's had to endure every-night since Daniel went missing.
She says she was somewhat naively hoping they would stop once Cowan was convicted.
Together with her husband, Bruce, Denise formed the Daniel Morcombe foundation.
"We have formed the Foundation not only to keep Daniel's innocence alive and to honour our son, but to help other families from ever having this nightmare happen to them and our objectives are to keep an ongoing awareness program for child safety, help other victims of crime where children are involved and to keep the community vigilant on crimes against our children," she says on the website.
"Children are our future and must be protected. With your help we hope we can make a difference."
The pledge is one that Denise takes literally, now joining the Arkaba Trek in the Flinders Rangers, South Australia to raise money the foundation's "Walk Tall Program".
"The Walk Tall Program" has been under the Act for Kids umbrella since inception," she explains.
"This free counselling service offers support to Children who have been abused. 100% of donated funds for my Trek will be directed to support child victims of crime including our Walk Tall Programme'."
The trek will take place on April 12th and so far Denise only has $18,861 of her $250,000 target.
We we're wishing this inspirational woman and her trekking team the best of luck on her journey.

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