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Daniel Morcombe’s killer has a price on his head in Brisbane prison

Ex-inmate says they were told that he is not to get out alive.
Daniel Morcombe killer brett cowan prison target

An ex-inmate from the jail where Brett Cowan is currently serving a life sentence for killing little Daniel Morcombe in 2003 has revealed that Cowan has a price on his head in prison.

The man, who served time at Wolston Correctional Centre in Brisbane, told the Courier Mail that prisoners are urging each other to hurt Cowan.

The news comes after he was permanently disfigured by another inmate shortly after being moved out of the protective wing of the prison.

He revealed that “prison rules” state that prisoners are to hurt Cowan when possible unless they want to be hurt themselves.

“It’s kill him or be killed in there – that’s how it works… Every bloke in there is chomping at the bit’ to have their own go,” the ex-inmate said.

“As soon as he was moved out of protection it was on for all money. Whoever it is that knocks him off will be treated like a national hero in there.

He also said that the hit on Cowan is so big that he strongly doubts he will ever make it out of prison alive.

“There’s no way he gets out of there alive – every time another bloke gets a chance, they have a crack at him. I hope the public knows that he’s not getting an easy ride in there – it is a living hell for him.”

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