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Dame Quentin Bryce speaks out about domestic violence

Former Governor-General and Queensland domestic violence taskforce chair Dame Quentin Bryce has urged everyone to take action on domestic violence.

Editor-in-chief, Helen McCabe with Dame Quentin Bryce. Photo: Ben Hansen
Speaking at The Australian Women’s Weekly Qantas Women of The Future luncheon, Ms Bryce said domestic violence was an "appalling, alarming reality that is totally unacceptable".
"I must take this opportunity to raise a matter of deep concern to me, to all of us, to our country," she said to a crowd of media personalities, politicians and celebrities.
"It is increasing in our country in incidence and gravity and at present I’m leading a taskforce in QLD on domestic violence.
"Please take action, talk about it. Don’t be a bystander."
Ms Bryce also spoke about the challenges women face today, including the widening of the pay gap between men and women.
She told the finalists of the Women of the Future scholarship: "You will be counted on as the women of the future to speak out when you see injustice and unfair treatment of women.
"I want to see you use your talent, your drive, your energy and your voice – the most important tool we have."
As a long-time supporter of The Weekly, Ms Bryce applauded the magazine in helping give women the opportunity live their dreams.
"I was exhilarated to learn that your much-love, admired and respected magazine was going to make this an annual gesture with Qantas, recognising the service, accomplishments and selflessness of amazing people," she said.

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