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Parent's worst nightmare: Dad runs over 7-year-old son on family's driveway in New South Wales

Understandably the family and the entire community are extremely shaken by the accident

An unimaginable nightmare has taken place in the Riverina area of New South Wales.
A seven-year-old boy has tragically died after being hit by a ute driven by his father in the driveway of their home at Temora on Sunday afternoon.
Desperate attempts were made to revive Charlie Baldry by his father, police and paramedics, but sadly the boy passed away at his home on Victoria Street at 2 pm.
New South Wales police have confirmed that it was indeed the boy's father behind the wheel, but they do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved in the incident.
A statement has been made by the police revealing that, understandably the family and the entire community are extremely shaken by the accident.
Inspector Robert Vergano speaking to reporters. Image credit: Seven News
Inspector Robert Vergano explained, "Police are treating this as an absolutely gut-wrenching, terrible tragedy."
"It is extremely concerning for all involved – family and first responders."
"Quite understandably the family are extremely shaken, and we ask that their privacy be respected at this tragic time for the family, but also the entire Temora community, who are not travelling too well," he said.
Investigations into the incident are still underway.
"Due diligence is taken in all cases you would assume, but you can never be too careful when reversing vehicles in driveways or when out on the street when there are young people around," Inspector Robert Vergano added.