Crimes that shocked Australia

After the life sentence handed out to Daniel Morcombe’s killer, Brett Peter Cowan, Australia is reminded of some of the notorious crimes that have shocked a nation.

The Backpacker Murders is the name given to the series of homicides that occurred in New South Wales during the late 1980’s and 1990’s.
After the discovery of seven gruesomely murdered victims- five of which were international backpackers visiting Australia, two others travellers from Melbourne - in the Belanglo State Forest, the nation went onto a frenzied state of fear - a serial killer was on the loose.
Ivan Milat, a criminal with a history of kidnapping and rape, quickly became a suspect. Thanks to evidence given by English tourist, Paul Onions, who positively identified Milat as a man who tried pulled a gun on him and kidnap him on January 25, 1990, police had a solid case against their suspect.
On July 27, 1996, following a 15-week trial, a jury found Ivan Milat guilty on all charges.
The killer was sentenced to six years imprisonment for the attack on Onions, and seven consecutive life sentences for each of the murders.
While Milat still continues to protest his innocence his ghastly and sadistic crimes are not the only crimes that have rocked the Australian nation. These are a handful of other horrific murders that devastated us.

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