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Crackdown on inflatable pools

If your blow-up pool has more than 30cm of water, you might be breaking the law.

It takes only a minute for an unsupervised child to drown, and many people feel a false sense of security if their pool is only a small inflatable cheapie, but with 10 child deaths in seven years they are as dangerous as in built pools, reports Kidspot.
Now, the NSW government has warned parents that if their inflatable pools are filled with more than 30cm water it must be fenced like a regular pool or they may face a fine of up to $500.
Although it is difficult to police the regulations, the dangers are very real and keeping children safe should be paramount.
Parents purchase the small inflatable pools because they are a fun and affordable solution for the summer heat with prices starting at about $15 and going up to $250 for a more advanced structure- Considerably cheaper than the tens of thousands of dollars for an in-ground pool.
Add the price of a fence and most families would find the cost entirely prohibitive.
Parental supervision around water at all times is still always going to be your best defence against tragedy. Also, draining inflatable pools when not in use is a must.

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