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Melbourne couple welcome quadruplets after nearly a decade of trying to fall pregnant


By Candice Mehta-Culjak
A Melbourne couple are celebrating the safe arrival of their four baby boys after nine years of trying to conceive.
Mohammed and Mariam Hussaini, originally from Afghanistan, welcomed quadruplets at Monash Medical Centre on Wednesday.
The quads were certainly in a rush to meet their new parents, arriving 10 weeks early via cesarean section. However, doctors were prepared for their early entry into the world.
"In the case of quadruplets, sometimes things happen a little bit earlier," Dr Calum Roberts told 9News.
Mohammed and Mariam Hussaini recently welcomed quadruplets at Monash Medical Centre after nearly a decade of trying to fall pregnant. Image via 7News.
The proud new dad lovingly cradles one of four healthy baby boys. Image via 9News.
It's expected that they'll now stay at the neonatal unit of the hospital for another nine-10 weeks as their health and progress is monitored.
Speaking with 9News, Monash Medical Centre Dr Charles Barfield said the babies are just over one kilogram each and are "breathing very strongly."
He added: "The smallest baby is breathing without any support at all from the ventilator."
Mr Hussaini spoke briefly about his little bundles of joy, two of which are identical twins and the other two fraternal twins.
"At the moment they are very tiny and they all look the same," the proud new dad told 7News.
When quizzed about whether he and his wife had named their new arrivals, he simply laughed.
"Maybe just numbers [for now]. Number one, number two, number four!"
Congratulations again to the happy family-of-six!

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