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Couple 'kidnapped by CANNIBALS and tortured' on dream holiday

Matthew Iovane said he thought the attackers were cannibals who might eat him and his girlfriend.

Matthew and his girlfriend were on holiday in Papua New Guinea.
British couple, Matthew Lovane and Michelle Clemens have claimed that they escaped a terrifying ordeal while on holiday in Papua New Guinea.
The couple say that they were kidnapped by masked bushmen who were armed with spears and machetes. Lovane said that he feared the attackers could be cannibals and that he and Clemens were at risk of being eaten.
Lovane, who appeared in the Channel 4 survival show Shipwrecked, told the Sun that the attackers were dressed in native costumes and looked "very scary".
“They tore up my t-shirt to blindfold me and the awful thought crossed my mind that we could be on the menu. They were totally feral and we were at their mercy. I thought we’d vanish into the jungle and never be seen again," he said.
Matthew Lovane appeared on the UK's survival show shipwrecked
Tribes in Papua New Guinea's jungles are thought to have some of the worlds most recent practitioners of cannibalism, including claims that brains and other organs were eaten as recently as 2012. The nation has high rates of violent crime and robberies. However, tourists are not believed to be at risk of "cannibals."
The couple were attacked on the final day of the 60-mile Kokoda track. “We were about an hour into the walk when a tribesman appeared ahead of us and another behind us,” said Lovane.
“I thought we were being robbed so we put down our bags and tried to calm them, saying they could take everything when they started pushing and threatening us... Then one turned on me, swinging his machete and began tearing at my clothes until I was stripped virtually naked.”
Eventually the pair were able to escape and were helped by local villagers before being evacuated by helicopter to Port Moresby, the capital where they were treated for their injuries.

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