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Sarah Hanson-Young loses it at Cory Bernardi's attack on domestic violence charity, White Ribbon

“This is about rape victims having access to safe and legal abortion! That is what you just voted against!”

By Kate Wagner
Cory Bernardi was absolutely stoked with the marriage equality results this week.
^ Look at him, huge supporter of the cause! Rumour has it he had a celebratory sparkling while gazing longingly at his picture of Dame Edna Everage.
To honour the soon to be influx of gay weddings, Senator Bernardi caused utter mayhem in the senate with a series of contentious motions which tested allegiances on the floor and resulted in at least one yelling match.
The conservative senator raised motions to abolish the "use of Medicare funding for abortions on gender grounds" as well as one to promote greater scrutiny of domestic violence charity, White Ribbon.
He asked the senate to note the charity "advocates for 'nationally consistent access to safe and legal abortion, including late-term abortion in all states and territories'” and senators who oppose the concept should "take it up with White Ribbon Australia".
A big fan of Trump’s “make America great again” mentality, maybe Bernardi took inspiration from Texas’ recent law banning all insurance coverage for abortion which will force women to take out separate policies just in case they ever need an abortion in cases of rape, incest, and fatal foetal abnormalities.
The motion failed 31-to-21, but was backed by rogue government members, including Mathias Cormann.
Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young was enraged by those who voted yes, announcing: "you bunch of misogynistic...", before being cut off. No prizes for guessing how that sentence ended.
"This is about rape victims having access to safe and legal abortion! That is what you just voted against!"
She got in a bit of a barney with other ministers, including Ian Macdonald who called her a “dill” and then the President said it was all unparliamentary. No parliamentary ruling about the gross attack on women’s bodies as of yet.
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Bernardi also tried to pass motions relating to “radical theories about gender” – once again, please consult the framed photo of Dame Edna he has in his house – Get Up! and “victims of communism”.
Oh and he was also incredibly juvenile about Chris Pyne’s whole liking gay porn at 2am thing...
Just when you think Australian politics is doing okay, it slams on the brakes.