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Connie Johnson says she's “terrified” of leaving her kids behind as her cancer battle nears its end

“My pain will be over, and theirs will just be beginning..."

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Connie Johnson has spoken candidly with Carrie Bickmore in a heartbreaking new interview.
The mother-of-two, who ceased treatment for final stage breast cancer in July, explained that her doctors told her she was simply too weak to continue chemotherapy.
"They told me I couldn't continue on the chemo because my organs were struggling too much," she said on Tuesday's episode of The Project.
"Once the chemotherapy stops the cancer will progress, and whether that starts immediately or whether it's a slow build, I will go into liver failure. And it's very peaceful."
When asked if she was scared of dying, she responded: “Terrified.”
The 40-year-old added that she’s struggling to come to terms with leaving her two children behind -- Willoughby, 10 and Hamilton, nine.
“I have this thought all the time where one day I'll be holding the children's hands... then I'll be gone.”
“My pain will be over, and theirs will just be beginning.”
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Connie and her actor brother, Samuel Johnson, are currently hoping to break a world record with their latest endeavour -- the Big Heart Project. The fundraising act for the Love Your Sister foundation will be Connie’s “last hurrah” before she retires to be with her nearest and dearest.
"I've got the Big Heart Project to distract me, to keep me busy. To make me focus on something other than myself. Over the past seven years I’ve gone into some very deep pits of despair. I feel like if I wasn’t focused on the Big Heart Project right now that’s where I would be," she told News Corp in a separate interview.
The project aims to break the world record for the longest line of coins, with all proceeds donated to cancer research.
Connie alongside her brother, Samuel.
Image via Facebook.
Samuel spoke of the amazing endeavour after winning the TV WEEK 2017 Logie for Best Actor for his role as Molly Meldrum in the TV mini-series Molly.
"Rather than rolling over, she is going out blazing with an attempted world record for the longest line of coins," he said of his sister.
He added that the coins will be in the "shape of a love heart, hopefully the biggest love heart this country has ever seen, made from five cent pieces [...] with the entire proceeds going directly to our scientists and researchers."
“I would like to urge any family watching, affected by cancer - or not – to join us in our quest to keep our families safe from the terrors of cancer.”
We wish Connie, Samuel and the entire Love Your Sister village all the very best!
If you would like to donate to the cause click here.