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Closing apps to save iPhone battery is actually a myth

Looks like we’ll have to keep a charger wherever we go.

Closing apps is probably a major habit for iPhone users in thinking it’ll prolong its life.
Turns out, it’s actually a myth!
In fact, going in to the apps to close them further drains the battery, since apps have to be reloaded later.
According to The Washington Post, the crazy revelation has come from an Apple exec himself. It was uncovered in an email exchange between Apple Senior Vice President Craig Federighi and a customer named Caleb.
To get all technical on the matter, most of the apps are either frozen or not running at all. The fact that you can see them when you double-tap the home button is merely for consistency and history. That’s why the impact on the battery life is negligible.
However, this isn’t the case for Android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy, which do benefit from closing running apps.
What can help your battery live a little longer is closing location services or the Background App Refresh feature in settings.
Best to keep a charger handy wherever you go.
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