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Planning your Christmas Day outfit? Here’s what the weather will be like on December 25

Some cities are expecting rain, so crack out the umbrellas.

By Maddison Leach
Christmas is just days away and most of us are putting the finishing touches on the tree and wrapping the last of our gifts.
We've planned just about everything we can for the big day – December 25 – but the one thing that's still up in the air is the weather.
Recent years have treated us to everything from rainy, grey Christmases, to sweltering heatwaves or sticky, humid scorchers.
With that in mind, it can be hard to anticipate exactly what the weather will look like on December 25, which in turn makes it hard to plan your Christmas Day outfit!
While weather predictions aren't always accurate, we've done some research to figure out exactly what the weather is supposed to be doing in each of Australia's capital cities on Christmas Day.


It's looking like a cloudy Christmas Day is in store for Sydney, according to AccuWeather's forecasts.
Expect highs of 27 degrees on the day, with lows of just 20 degrees in the morning and evening, so you could get away with wearing a cheeky Christmas sweater - just make sure it's a light knit.


AccuWeather is predicting clouds for Brisbane too, though the weather will be a touch warmer with highs of 28 degrees.
Lows of 22 degrees mean you won't get too chilly on the day, so opt for a light dress that can withstand the humidity with a jacket or cardigan for the cooler moments.
Christmas Day may not be as sunny as some of us hope. (Pexels)


Melbourne won't be treated to the classic hot Christmas Day so many Aussies know and love, with highs of only 21 degrees.
AccuWeather isn't predicting any rain (yet), but it will be cloudy and brisk so pack a warmer jacket.


It's going to be a hot Christmas Day in Adelaide, though AccuWeather says there will be some cloud cover on the big day.
We're expecting highs of 26 degrees and lows of 14 degrees, so make sure you accessorise with a jumper or jacket for when the temperatures drop.


It's going to be a cloudy but temperate Christmas in Camberra, where temperatures are set to max out at 28 degrees.
AccuWeather predicts lows of 16 degrees, so you'll probably be able to get away with a more summery outfit on December 25.


December 25 in Hobart will be typically chilly, with a mix of cloudy and sunny moments throughout the day.
The highest temperature expected right now is just 20 degrees and the lowest is 10 degrees according to AccuWeather, so crack out the Christmas jumpers and make the most of it.
These are the scenes we expect in Australia on Christmas Day. (Getty)


AccuWeather is predicting an absolute scorcher for Perth, with temperatures spiking up to a maximum of 40 degrees.
Lows will be 27 degrees, which barely counts as "low", so dress in light fabrics and keep cool by staying inside and avoiding the sun during the hottest parts of the day.


You can almost always count on Darwin to deliver a hot Christmas Day, and AccuWeather is predicting just that for this year.
Unfortunately, the high temperatures of 30 degrees will be accompanied by some serious cloud cover, but hopefully no rain.
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