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Girls school bans teachers from calling students "ladies"

A north-west Sydney high school has enforced gender-neutral rules to support LGBTI students.

A high school in north-west Sydney has enforced gender-neutral rules that help avoid discrimination and support LGBTI students.
Teachers at elite public school Cheltenham Girls School are now no longer allowed to use the words ‘girls’, ‘ladies’ or ‘women’, but instead refer to pupils in gender-neutral terms like ‘students’.
There are many pro-gender equality events at the school, like ‘Wear it Purple Day’, ‘Rainbow Day’ and a ‘Queer-straight Alliance’ club.
However, some parents have started petitions as they feel that if their child does not participate in LGBTI activities then they will be ostracised.
The Daily Telegraph reports that if teachers don’t comply with the change in language, they are homophobic and breaking the law according to a NSW anti-discrimination act.
Education Minister Adrian Piccoli is investigating the complaints.
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