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Check out this 9-year-old lothario’s awkward romantic text messages

Get ready to cringe.

We’ve all been there- young love, trying not to say the wrong thing, tentatively feeling out if he “likes” you, or “like-likes” you.

But we never had a famous big brother to document our romantic endeavours.

Damion Cabrales, a nine-year-old from San Diego, has had his awkward conversations with his new girlfriend posted to the internet by social media star brother Freddy Amazin.

Amazin, real name Freddy Cabrales, found the text messages so entertaining that he thought they should be shared with his 3.4 million followers.

Hopefully Damion’s new girlfriend can help him deal with the embarrassment.

Click through for the cringey conversation between Damion Cabrales and his new ladyfriend.

Who is going to be the first to admit their love?

Damion is playing it cool.

Damion’s new girlfriend likes to know where she stands.

Damion eventually goes for it.

Just catching up on the day’s happenings

Damion’s chivalry is shining through, but he can’t resist showing off his gym bod.

Damion and his girlfriend have fallen fast.

Too. Cute.

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