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Cassie Sainsbury's fiancé says she will ADMIT to drug trafficking offences

As a huge ratings war breaks out between Channel 7 and Channel 9 over their upcoming Sunday night exclusives – will people tune in to see her fiancé or her mum and sister’s side of the story?

By Lorna Gray
Accused drug trafficker Cassie Sainsbury will "admit to smuggling charges", according to 'tell-all' interviews set to broadcast on Channel 7 and Channel 9 this Sunday.
Cassie, 22, was discovered with nearly six kilograms of cocaine packed into her suitcase as she tried to fly home to Australia on April 11 from El Dorado International Airport.
Her fiancé, Scott Broadbridge, will appear on Channel 7's Sunday Night while her mother Lisa Evans and sister Khala will feature on Channel 9's 60 Minutes, sparking a massive ratings war between the two networks.
Cassie was said to be furious that her mother and sister secured a lucrative interview without consulting her but is supportive of Broadbridge's interview.
In a new turn of events, Broadbridge will likely confirm Cassie will confess to acting as cocaine mule.
The 18 bags of cocaine found concealed in Cassie's luggage. Image via 7 News.
In a promo for Sunday Night (you can watch below), Broadbridge also makes the explosive claims Cassie was lured to Colombia by fellow Australians and added that he's seen payments from a "mystery man" behind the cocaine deal.
He also told reporter Denham Hitchcock that he was "surprised" to learn that Cassie had flown to Colombia.
Lisa Evans and Khala Sainsbury reportedly sold their story to the Channel Nine program for approximately $1million.
It's unclear whether Scott Broadbridge will receive payment, a spokesperson for Channel Seven telling TV Week:
"We don't comment on arrangements with any person we interview on the program, except to say that Cassie will not receive payment of any kind.
Scott Broadbridge says he is motivated to prove his fiancé's innocence. He is dedicated to supporting Cassie in Bogota and to ensuring that the legal case runs as smoothly as possible."
Lisa and Khala will appear on 60 Minutes.
The media furore surrounding Cassie has reportedly angered fellow inmates inside inside El Buen Pastor prison, with one telling News Corp, "There is a lot of tension in the jail."
"Cassie is causing problems," the prisoner continued.
"She's saying that people are robbing her, extorting her and abusing her. If someone stole something at the beginning, that's normal, it's about power. But it's not happening anymore and she's saying those things because she wants attention.
"I've seen this so many times with foreigners. They think that if they cry and do a big show for the cameras, they will get out in a couple of months, but it isn't going to happen. They have at least four years behind bars, and pulling puppy eyes for the cameras isn't going to change that.
"And now that her family is here, it's like she's acting up for the cameras, saying things are happening to her that aren't. She's just being melodramatic."
The prisoner also said Cassie will be "treated differently" now she's "pulled favours" and been allowed visitors on non-visitor day, but she did not elaborate on what being "treated differently" will entail.
Both 'Cocaine Cassie' exclusives will air on Sunday, 21 May.
Time will tell which side of the story Australians want to hear most...

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