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Carrie's tears for terminally ill boy

What a heartbreaking story.

In an emotional interview, Carrie Bickmore has broken down while chatting to the parents of a toddler who has an aggressive form of terminal brain cancer.
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Carrie interviewed Isabella and Roy Darch, whose three-year-old son Bede was diagnosed with cancer soon after birth, on Monday’s edition of The Project.
The parents wrote a blog post earlier this year that attracted national attention after they explained their heartbreaking wish of wanting Bede to die and rest in peace, after oncologists told them the cancer had already spread through Bede’s brain stem and spine.
In the interview, Carrie is clearly moved by their story, saying, “He’s such a joyful little bid.”
“The hours that I’ve been here and seeing him with his brother — their heads so close together. It’s like their happy space.”
When Carrie addressed the blog post, Isabella said, “We just spoke about how difficult this process had been and brain cancer can often be a horrible, protracted death.”
“And I wish that I could give my child the death I want for him. Who ever thought they’d say those words?”
Watch the interview below:

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