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Judge apologises after asking rape victim why she didn't 'just keep her knees together'

The apology was issued after a series of complaints were filed.

By Caroline Overington
A Canadian judge has been forced to apologize for asking a rape victim why she ‘couldn’t just keep your knees together.’
The Calgary Herald says Judge Robin Camp made the remark during the trial of a man charged with raping a 19-year-old woman.
He also asked the woman why she ‘allowed the sex to happen if she didn’t want it.’
Four law professors filed a complaint, saying Camp’s remarks were “sexist and degrading” and show “disregard for the law applicable to sexual assault”.
Judge Camp has only been on the bench since July.
He acquitted the accused offender Alexander Scott, but his decision which was later overturned by the Court of Appeal.
In his apology, Judge Camp said: “I have come to recognize that things that I said and attitudes I displayed during the trial of this matter, and in my decision, caused deep and significant pain to many people.
"My sincere apology goes out, in the first place, to the young woman who was the complainant in the matter".
“I also apologize to the women who experience feelings of anger, frustration and despair at hearing of these events. I am deeply troubled that things that I said would hurt the innocent."
"In this regard, I am speaking particularly to those who hesitate to come forward to report abuse of any kind and who are reluctant to give evidence about abuse, sexual or otherwise.”

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