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Can you spot the naughty mistake on these Christmas pyjamas?

Poor doggie!

Oh dear.

A well-meaning set of festive pyjamas has received quite a few raised eyebrows around the world after people realised that the design was a little more ‘naughty’ then ‘nice’.

Primark released a new range of Christmas-themed sleepwear which featured this cute Boston terrier – a popular dog breed – as a print.

But buyers were quick to cotton onto the fact that the stripe down the middle of the pup’s face, and his suspiciously shaped hat, made it look… well… like a penis.

One shopper posted a picture of their brand new jammies, writing, “Treated myself to some jammies in Primark today to go with last night’s sausage dinner. I did giggle. I wonder what breed of dog this is…”

“Hey look a balldog… I mean bulldog,” wrote one cheeky commenter.

“I’m getting these for smutty sister! Amaze-BALLS!” wrote another.

The pyjamas currently retail for £4 at Primark.

What do you think? Harmless PJs? Or cheeky penises?

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