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Can you pass this intelligence test?

A new YouTube IQ test goes viral. Can you work it out?

If you love an online intelligence test to prove just how high your IQ really is, then this new YouTube maths test will light your fire.
Over three million people have already taken the “intelligence test” according to DailyMail.
Naturally, math boffins galore are sharing with glee chuffed with the knowledge that their IQ is allegedly above 150, which is supposedly what it takes to crack the code.
For those of you who wish to work it out for yourselves....stop reading now.
For those of you staring at the problem, scratching your heads in confusion, the solution is annoyingly simple.
x + y = (x - y) (x + y)
For example – 6 + 4 = 210
6 – 4 = 2
6 + 4 = 10
Therefore the answer is 210.
Problem solved. As you were.

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