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Britney Spears shaken after man rushes stage during Las Vegas concert

Britney Spears was quickly surrounded by her security team as a fan rushed the stage.

By Holly Royce
Pop star Britney Spears was left in shock after a man rushed the stage during one the star's Las Vegas residency shows.
The man was quickly taken down- but it took a combination of the star's security team and one of her very large back-up dancers to wrestle the fan to the ground.
During the commotion the 35-year-old pop star was heard asking,
"IS everything okay? What’s going on?"
"He’s got a gun?"
One quick thinking fan managed to get footage of the incident which you can see below.

The incident occurred as Britney Spears was halfway through her final song (You Drive Me) Crazy.
Through the footage, it appears the man managed to put up a good fight, kneeing one of security guards on the way out.
Britney was taken off stage, but soon returned to finish her Pieces of Me show like the true professional she is.
Britney has been working her long running Las Vegas residency since 2013. However, the residency is set to end in December.


Las Vegas Metro Police Department officers have now arrested 37 year-old Jesse Webb for rushing the stage during Spears' concert.
"Webb was asked to leave the concert by security prior to him jumping on stage and dancing," explains the statement.