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Bride dies on the way to the reception, still in her wedding dress

The bride and groom hit a stray deer on their way to the reception.

By Caroline Overington
A bride has died just hours after getting married, after the motorcycle she was riding with her new husband struck a deer on the way to their reception.
The Southern Illinoisan newspaper reports that Jana Miles was still wearing her wedding dress when she hopped on the back of the bike driven by her new husband, William Burnett.
"They exited the park to the cheers of their friends and family on their way to Ground Zero Bar, a tavern, where they planned to meet up with everyone for their reception," the report says.
"Shortly after they left, the couple’s motorcycle struck a deer."
The Southern Illinoisan says the deer ‘ran out on US Route 14’ and Jana was ‘thrown to the ground and was pronounced dead in a hospital around an hour later, still wearing her wedding dress."
Her new husband, who wasn't seriously injured, tried to avoid the deer, but "there's some things you cannot control. Deer were going crazy that night. It's mating season and it's a rural road."

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