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Boy snatched from Brisbane hospital by anti-vaxxer parents is found safe

“It could have gone bad but fortunately it hasn't..."

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
A four-year-old boy taken from a Brisbane children’s hospital by his anti-vaxxer parents has been found safe and well, according to police.
Chase Steven-Walker, who has severe disabilities, was found with his father after 5pm on Friday in Newcastle. Police were able to locate the young boy after a member of the public sighted the child’s mother.
The wheelchair-bound child was then taken to John Hunter Hospital by ambulance for further medical observations.
Acting detective inspector Grant Ralston said the couple, who are now assisting police, won’t be charged with any offences at this stage.
“It always safer to listen with medical experts who deal with young children and babies every day of the week,” he said.
“It could have gone bad but fortunately it hasn't.”
He added: “We will look at what we have at the end of tonight but at this stage I'd say no [charges will be laid].”
Chase Steven-Walker has been located safe and well.
The parents, Jacinda ‘Cini’ Walker, 26, and Marc Alexander Steven, 28, posted a video later Friday night saying Chase had been released from hospital and they were taking him way home.
"I'm done I want my family back I'm over the fact that the system thinks they can do this to me. I don't care about the gag of two years prison, do it!” Ms Walker said in the video.
“You're not going to hurt my kid anymore... I'd rather go to jail than watch another family be destroyed like ours.”
She added: "I know my son's healthy, he's got a cold just like I do. If my son could speak, he'd say he's not sick and wants to leave."
The parents took their child from Lady Cilento Children's hospital at around 12.30pm on Thursday, when he was hospitalised against their wishes.
Mr Steven and Ms Walker believe their son's condition was caused by vaccines and fear hospital food will kill him.
“I hate watching my son being drugged up and he doesn't wake up because he's in a coma because of the medications they give him,” Ms Walker said in video shared to her Facebook on April 26.
“I've also told the doctors and the child services that I will not feed my son any of their stuff and I will fight for him not to have it.”
Jacinda ‘Cini’ Walker and Marc Alexander Steven stopped vaccinating their son when he was two years old.
“That will be the last thing he has because I believe he's allergic to it and he will seizure and he'll seizure to the point he'll die.”
"They still think that they have the right to feed my son this formula synthetic s**.”
“They're going to kill my kid with food and they don't care."
Ms Walker said her son's health improved after he stopped taking medication, started eating organic food and took medicinal marijuana.
However, medical staff have advised police that the child requires ongoing medical treatment.
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