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Boy suffers second degree burns after applying popular 50SPF sunscreen

The poor little thing.

A three-year-old boy has suffered first and second degree burns despite being covered in high-factor sunscreen.
Little Liam Sayers was with his mother Jennifer in Virginia, America when she sprayed him and his brother Caleb with SPF 50+ Banana Boat kids spray sunscreen before allowing them to play.
“Multiple times during the day we had the kids come out of the water, dried them off completely and then reapplied the sun spray as directed,” she told CBS 6.
Both boys were also wearing rash shirts for half the day and when they left the beach, they were all sporting light sunburns.
However, “nothing could prepare us for how Liam looked only 24 hours later.”
“Liam has 1st, 2nd and possible 3rd degree burns on his nose and cheeks. Caleb has blistering on his shoulders but nowhere near as bad as Liam has on his face.”
“When he got up for the day, his eyes were almost swollen shut; he had swelling and blistering all over his face, primarily on his cheeks and nose,” she said.
In a statement supplied to CBS6, Banana Boat said, “Nothing is more important to us than the wellbeing of the people who use our products.”
“Consumers can rest assured that Banana Boat products provide safe and effective broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection when used as directed on the product label, and with other sun protection measures as necessary.”
Banana Boat came under fire earlier this year after another boy received second-degree sunburn.
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