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Boy suffers second degree burn after applying sunscreen

Two applications of a popular sunscreen did not stop this poor boy from badly burning.

A mother is livid after spending Australia Day at the beach with her son and despite applying Banana Boat twice her boy received second-degree sunburn reports Kidspot.
Melliiee Hunter was as sun-safe and responsible with her child as she could possibly be.
Her nine-year-old son wore a hat, a rashie and sunglasses, and she was sure to lather he and his friend before they went swimming, and reapplied three hours later as per instructions on the pack.
However, she claims that the Banana Boat product she used failed to do its job and her son suffered terrible sunburn.
“Being responsible and trying to protect them, and myself, from the harsh, damaging affects from the sun, I thought I’d done pretty well until 3.30pm came around and all of us started complaining about being hot and sore,” she wrote in a “Not hot because it was a hot day, in fact it was a pretty mild day, hot as in our skin was burning!”

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